Real Time Assisted Vaginal Breech Delivery for Primi - Steps

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3 months ago

Case description

Primi Breech in Assisted Vaginal Delivery. This instructional video offers a comprehensive guide for obstetricians on real-time assisted vaginal delivery during established labor of an undiagnosed primigravida with breech presentation. The footage demonstrates the meticulous application of steps and principles crucial to a successful assisted vaginal delivery, ensuring the safety of both mother and baby. Viewers will gain valuable insights into managing unexpected scenarios, enhancing their skills in navigating the complexities of childbirth. The video serves as an invaluable resource for obstetricians seeking to refine their techniques and knowledge in handling breech presentations during labor, ultimately contributing to improved outcomes and enhanced patient care.

Mother and Baby were well following delivery.

Dr Wedisha Gankanda, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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