Laparoscopic Cervicosacropexy with Proline Mess

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5 years ago

Case description

Diagnosis: - 3 rt degree uterine prolapse cystocele+++ rectocele+++ enterocele+++ Treatment plan / plan of surgery: - DLS + p repair DLS done under general anaesthesia given by dr amit and done by dr pravin kanani. Laparoscopy: - 10/5 MM primary trocher insersion done. - 3 5mm secondary trocher insersion done under guidance of primary trocher. - No fibroid, no adhesion, no endometriotic spot. - Uterus size: normal - Position: normal - APP: normal - POD: free - Right tube-size; normal,fimbrial end: normal, - Left tube-size; normal,fimbrial end: normal, - Right ovary- size: noemal, position: normal, app: normal - Left ovary- size: normal, position:normal, app: normal. Operative notes: - laproscopic cervico sacropexy done - rectovaginal space & sacral promontory dissection done - uterine suspention done by B/L round ligamemt plication to elevate uterus and bring it minimally forward. - prolene mess fixing done below uterus at cervical part of vault with U/S ligament by vicryl no 1 - prolene mess fixing done at sacral promotory with vicryl no 1. - mesh cover with peritoneal layer by vicryl no. 1. - P REPAIR DONE.

tags: prolapse cystocele rectocele enterocele uterus Laparoscopic Cervicosacropexy proline mess

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