Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy for Unusual Metastatic Lesion in Pancreas

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4 years ago
General Surgery

Case description

A 54 year old male with c/o dyspepsia and on and off abdominal discomfort for last 2 months approx. No h/o vomiting, abdominal distension & constipation No diabetes, hypertension. Past history of right thigh mesenchymal chondrosarcoma resected in 2009 with adjuvant chemotherapy (records not available though). Routine blood investigations are normal Serum alkaline phosphatase, amylase and lipase levels are normal, CA19-9 was mildly elevated(85.10) (n= 0-33), USG abdomen showed simple liver cyst ? SOL in right liver lobe. CECT showed pancreatic distal body lesion. Hence he underwent laparoscopic surgery. Surgery went well and resulted into diagnosis of an unusual cause of lesion in pancreas.

tags: distal pancreatectomy metastatic lesion pancreas

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