TachoSil® Clinical Cases in General Surgery

4 months ago
General Surgery

Case description

A compilation from 2021 on 28 general, abdominal and plastic surgery procedures by different authors reviewed by Spanish Society of Surgery (AEC), highlighing challenges and how to overcome them to achieve hemostasis and sealing in benign and malignant tumor surgery. They provide clinical evidence on how TachoSil® sealant matrix can contribute to improved clinical outcomes and economic considerations in open and MIS applications.

tags: TachoSil abdominal surgery thyroidectomy laryngeal neoplasia esophagectomy adrenal carcinoma Crohn's disease duodenopancreatectomy abdominal trauma emergency appendectomy bariatric surgery hiatoplasty duodenal perforation.abdominoperineal amputations laparoscopy hernia repair cholecystectomy Pancreatitis hepatocarcinoma hepatic transplantation tracheal fistula breast tumor neuroendocrine tumor Stab Wound suture support Hemostasis sealing collagen matrix dual patch diffuse bleeding secondary haemostasis strumectomy retrosternal goiter GIST Crohn’s Disease hepato-carcinoma neuroendocrine tumor hydatid disease robotic surgery partial splenectomy esophagogastric fistula surgical cases clinical case surgery spanish society surgery corza medical

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