Worm Removal From The Biliary Tracts

11 years ago

Case description

Clinical case of 30 year old female with biliary colic history Case report: Patient developed acute soreness of the right upper quadrant during 10 days. After many doctor visits and anelgasics intake (without any improvement) the woman came to me. Physical examination proved acute upper ventral pain and hipersensitivity in right hypochondrium. Ultrasound examination revealed a linear moving body with anechoic tube in bile ducts suggesting Ascarid worm. After ERCP biliary ducts were cannuled and resulted having an linear filling deficiency. A basket was put in a bile ducts and the worm was extracted. After antihelmintic therapy woman passed with faeces thousands of worms (both male and famele, varying in length). However one in the bile ducts remained the longest and thickest. This course of this normally common infection remains unknown (from dr. Khuroo's Medical Clinic).

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