'Help! My Patient Has a Small Mouth!' - Working Alongside TMJ Physiotherapists

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3 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

Dr. Greenbaum in Reading on 1st December 2023: https://www.protrusive.co. uk/ greenbaum. ‘Easy Dentistry on Difficult Patients is still Difficult’ - Dr Lincoln Harris.

Patients with small mouth openings can be a huge pain in the back for Dentists - but did you know there are ways we can significantly improve their mouth opening through physiotherapy?

In this episode, 'Help! My Patient Has a Small Mouth!' - Working alongside TMJ Physiotherapists, I’m joined by Dr. Tzvika Greenbaum, a specialist TMJ physiotherapist who's here to spill the beans on his journey from headaches to jaw aches. We bring to light the jaw-dropping collaboration between dentists and physiotherapists, making dental treatment easier for both you and your patients. Dr. Greenbaum’s upcoming course for Dentists: https://protrusive.co.uk/ greenbaum

Highlights of the episode:

01:02 Dr. Tzvika Greenbaum

03:39 Dentistry meets physiotherapy

09:33 Range of movement

10:23 Asymmetry

11:20 Prevention

12:20 Advice to dentists

14:34 Stretching

16:17 The dental gym

16:57 Sleep bruxists vs. awake bruxists

19:28 Reducing sleep bruxism

20:52 Obstructive sleep apnoea

22:03 Statistics and diagnostic criteria

25:16 At-home exercises

27:20 Pain and discomfort

28:39 Rehabilitation

30:14 When to involve a physiotherapist

31:12 Expected results

32:21 Screening

34:15 Dr. Greenbaum’s event

39:04 Outro

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