Dental Photography Settings - Getting Started and Common Challenges

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4 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

It’s simple: the more I document and reflect on my work through photography, the happier Dentist I become.

I remember the struggles when starting out with dental photography - it’s not a glamorous time. Overexposed photos, poorly framed shots and ‘I have been meaning to buy retractors for months!’

Enough of the excuses – it’s time to dust off that camera as I am joined by Dr. Panesar on Dental Photography Settings - Getting Started and Common Challenges with the topic of dental photography – a subject very close to my heart.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: My philosophy on spending money. If I am going to use something daily, I will buy the best I can afford. If something is very temporary or very sporadic use, I will cheap out/borrow/rent. By that logic, get yourself a decent camera body, lens and flash set up that will serve you well for years to come. It does not have to be mega expensive and we do recommend buying used/refurbished later in the episode.

As promised, Canon’s dental photography guide:

Websites mentioned:

https://www.kentfaith., https://www.dentiphoto. com, https://www.owlbracket. com

Take a look at Dr. Panesar’s Instagram @drraypanesar: /drraypanesar  

Highlights of the episode:

02:31 Philosophy of Spending Money

04:24 Dr. Ray Panesar

12:31 When to buy a dental camera?

15:26 What to buy for dental photography?

16:28 Camera body

17:46 Ring flash

18:51 Lens for Dental Photography

23:33 Jaz’s setup

27:39 Practice, practice, practice!

33:22 Settings

38:04 Aperture

41:36 Shutter speed

45:18 ISO

49:35 Why take photographs?

52:41 Accessories

57:00 Dr. Panesar’s current setup

60:25 Outro

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