When Extractions are Extra Challenging: How, Why & What to Do

9 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

Tooth extractions are the most common surgical procedure performed in the U.S., and while the majority of extractions are straightforward, this procedure can present with challenges — and even the most well-planned extractions can encounter complications during the procedure. Join Dr. Ghazal Mahjoubi, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, for an insightful look at evidence-based case planning strategies that lead to predictable extraction outcomes, and how cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) aids in the overall treatment planning process. Dr. Mahjoubi will also review: • The most common indicators for tooth extraction, including caries lesions, periodontal disease and overcrowded, impacted or fractured teeth • Complications that may strike during an extraction, including dry socket, infection and nerve damage — and guidance for managing each one • Factors to consider when evaluating an extraction, as well as indicators for referring the case to an oral surgeon • A step-by-step procedural walk-through, along with several challenging case reviews 

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