Infraorbital Nerve Block Technique | Tips for finding the infraorbital foramen

2 years ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

In this video, we will learn the proper technique of infraorbital nerve block. This video will alleviate your fears regarding this block, if you have any. Most dentists are afraid that they might injure the eye. This fear is fortunately not valid. You will know why this is a safe nerve block in this video.

Video Chapter

00:00 Intro

00:25 Should we call it the Infraorbital nerve block?

01:01 Nerves anesthetised

01:32 Areas anesthetised

02:21 Indications

02:56 Contraindications

03:20 Technique

04:00 Landmarks

05:22 How to find the infraorbital foramen

10:47 Subjective signs and symptoms

11:34 Objective signs and symptoms

12:10 Advantages

12:40 Disadvantage 

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