Upper and Lower Right Wisdom Tooth Removal (Extraction) - Full Surgery Walkthrough

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a year ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

In this video we see the process of removing an upper and lower wisdom tooth. I start off first by discussing the rationale for their removal. In this case, they are hard to clean and have the potential to cause problems. Because their removal will not be noticed in terms of chewing, it is better to have them removed. The next part of the video discusses the risk assessment. We look at the Xray, and assess the risk based on: shape of the roots, and their proximity with anatomical landmarks. I deem this surgery as low risk. The following section is the removal of the teeth themselves. We start with the top tooth, and then remove the lower tooth. During the entire procedure, I am proviging a walkthrough commentary explaining what I am doing, and why.


0:00 Intro

0:08 History of the patient

0:22 Rationale of removal

0:58 Risk assessment

1:52 Checking to ensure no pain first

2:06 Upper tooth removal

3:33 Lower tooth removal

5:05 Rinse with CHX and place gauze

5:13 Outro

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