Step-by-Step: Exquisite Posterior Class II Composite Restorations

12 months ago

Case description

With the advances in digital and ceramic technology, clinicians have come to share the responsibility of shade, material selection and esthetic outcome with their lab technician when doing indirect restorations. This is not the case with direct composite restorations where the accountability for the final product rests solely in the hands of the clinician. There is an element of artistry, combined with technique and an understanding of the science, to achieve consistent, long-lasting composite excellence. Join Dr. Edward Lowe, a practicing dentist, published author and international lecturer, for an insightful, step-by-step discussion on how to achieve efficient, predictable and esthetic Class II posterior composite restorations. During this session, Dr. Lowe will address how to: • Create exquisite posterior Class II composite restorations using matrix systems and incremental cusp buildup that require minimal finishing and occlusal adjustment • Layer posterior composite material using dentin, enamel and transparent shades to handcraft lifelike restorations • Broaden your knowledge of the armamentaria used in the placement, finishing and polishing of posterior composite restorations

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