Cardiovascular Disease in Prostate Cancer

a year ago
Clinical Oncology

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This webinar explores why the risk of heart disease often increases after a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Dr Darryl Leong describes what happens inside the body leading up to cardiovascular disease, how androgen deprivation therapy might play a role in increasing the risk factors for heart disease and what steps you can take to keep your heart healthy. Dr Leong graduated from the University of Adelaide after completing his PhD, Master of Biostatistics and Master of Public Health. He completed post-doctorate fellowships at Leiden University Medical Centre and the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University. He currently leads the cardio-oncology service as a clinical cardiologist at Hamilton Health Sciences. Dr Leong is a clinician scientist for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and has published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals. His research is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Prostate Cancer Canada. He coordinates the RADICAL PC study, which is one of the largest prospective studies of men with prostate cancer to be done in Canada.

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