The use of Quill® for Pulmonary Suture and TachoSil® for an Airtight Suture, Following Adhesiolysis Resulting in a Pulmonary Leakage

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6 months ago
Thoracic Surgery

Case description

This video showcases how Quill® barbed suture and TachoSil® sealant patch can help you achieve perfect air-tightness, after lesion on the lung parenchyma. It is not uncommon that the detachment of pleuropulmonary adhesions can result in pulmonary lesions or tears. To achieve suture air-tightness, even in thoracoscopy, Quill® barbed suture is used. Its structure including barbs is very slim and prevents from parenchymatic tissue trauma without coming loose. Lung reinflation proves zero air leakage. The TachoSil® patch is further used to fully guarantee perfect sealing resulting in a new pulmonary skin in only 3-5 minutes. Watch this video to explore how Corza’s portfolio of barbed suture and hemostatic sealant matrix can ensure air-tight sutures without leaks.   

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