shoulder pain

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Comprehensive Shoulder Examination Techniques

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Dive into this detailed video guide as we explore essential tests and techniques to thoroughly examine the shoulder. Understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder. Discover step-by-step methods...

Shoulder Pain - Everything You Need To Know -...

views: 2881 comments: 0

Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes the condition of shoulder pain.

Motility Range After Capsule Incision In A Frozen...

views: 3965 comments: 0

The patient was diagnosed with an acute frozen shoulder. The video presents improvement of the postoperative shoulder motility range and painless movements.

Resorptive Stage Of Calcific Tendon Inflammation

views: 4872 comments: 0

The video is a clinical case presentation of patient suffering from calcifying tendinitis in resorptive phase. The patient demonstrates acute shoulder soreness together with a positive drop arm test.

Abduction Inferior Stability Examination

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The video shows Abduction Inferior Stability Test (ABIS Examination). The soreness appear when the patient during shoulder abduction (to 90 degrees) load the arm inferiorly.

Impingement of the Shoulder And Rotator Cuff...

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The video is a talk investigating most often reasons of shoulder soreness as well as the newest cure for shoulder injuries.

Rotator Cuff Tear And Shoulder Impingement

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The video presents both minimal invasive surgery and cause of the shoulder soreness.

Preoperative Inspection In A Septic Shoulder

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The video presents preoperative physical examination in a female with high feverer and severe shoulder pain on both active and passive movement.

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