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Anterior Interosseous to Ulnar Motor Nerve Transfer...

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Anterior Interosseous to Ulnar Motor Nerve Transfer - Standard Authors: Mackinnon SE1, Yee A1 Published: February 4, 2014 AUTHOR INFORMATION 1 Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Washington...

Peripheral Nervous System

Andrew Wolf

Specialty:  Neurology
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Basic discussion of the main components of the peripheral nervous system.


Thomas Field

Specialty:  Psychiatry
views: 3233 comments: 0

The fourth section of this video training on the mental status examination explores assessment of motor movement.

Motor Examination Of The Upper Limbs

UCD Medicine

Specialty:  Neurology
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The film shows the way of neurological examination of upper limbs and it focuses on the motor aspects.

Trauma Day Away 2010 - Selected Case Reviews

Specialty:  Traumatology
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Video shows different trauma cases: patient with neck stabbed by knife, 22 y/o male after motorcycle crash, 52 y/o male after house fire, 21 y/o female who jumped over border fence, 35 y/o motorcycle...

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