All in the Family: A Look into Family Medicine

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12 months ago

Case description

Do you aspire to be the type of doctor who takes care of people of all ages? Family medicine shadowing is the perfect course for learning what this entails and excelling in the subject matter.

Visit to take a short quiz, earn credit for shadowing hours, and receive a Certificate of Completion for this video. 

Dr. Bradshaw is a family medicine doctor who has practiced in a variety of settings over the course of the last several decades. He attended Baylor University for his undergraduate degree and became a CPA before deciding to attend medical school. After completing his pre-med requirements, he attended the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston and then completed training in family medicine.He has worked in private practice in the community, academic medical centers, nursing homes, emergency departments, and more. He has also served on the medical school admissions committee at UT Southwestern. Dr. Bradshaw is passionate about both clinical medicine and teaching students, whether pre-med or those in medical school. Dr. Bradshaw was also in the US Coast Guard Reserves, and now enjoys working with students as an advisor for MedSchoolCoach. 

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