Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Street address
ul. Dobra 22/24 m. 24
00-388 Warsaw
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PSLM is a scientific society bringing together medical doctors and other health professionals applying evidence-based environmental, behavioural, medical and motivational principles to the management of lifestyle-related health problems in a clinical and/or public health setting”. The principles concentrates around six pillars: smoking and other substance abuse, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep and social support. PSLM mission is to create, develop, implement and promote evidence-based practices and

behaviours which reinforce a healthy lifestyle and show consideration for planetary health, with a vision of Poland free of lifestyle-related diseases. With its initiatives PSLM aspires to improve health and general well-being of individuals, communities, organisations and the society.


- supporting and developing LM research

- disseminating the results of the research in LM field and its application

- raising public awareness and knowledge on healthy lifestyle while respecting the health of the planet

- spreading awareness, knowledge and practice of LM (on personal and professional level) among students and healthcare professionals

- ensuring the highest quality of education and medical practice of LM

- developing international collaboration in the field of LM

- building a multidisciplinary alliance for the development and implementation of LM in Poland

- engaging in a dialogue with public authorities to facilitate implementation of LM solutions


President: Dr. Daniel Śliż, MD, PhD

Vice-President: Wojciech Zgliczyński, PhD

Executive Director: Alicja Baska, MD

Member: Prof. Artur Mamcarz, MD, PhD

Member: Dr. Jarosław Pinkas, MD, PhD

Member: Dr. Marcin Wełnicki, MD, PhD

Audit Committee:

Damian Parol, PhD

Maria Łukasiewicz, MD

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