Radial Nerve Palsy - Saturday Night Palsy - Part 1

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12 years ago

Case description

Part 1 - Radial nerve originates from the posterior cord of the brachial plexus. Its injury is usually connected with acute trauma (like distal humerus fracture ) or compression of the radial nerve. It is sometimes referred to as: Saturday night palsy, honeymoon palsy or crutch palsy. The radial nerve supplies the group of extensor muscles, that allows for extension of the wrist and fingers. In addition it innervates the triceps muscle. If the extensor muscles are not working (often due to radial nerve injury), the patient will experience a condition called “wrist drop” and will be unable to perform a hitchhiker sign. In the video the author presents pathology, treatment methods, recovery and anatomy of the radial nerve. It is important to know, how place of the injury can affect motor functions, to correctly diagnose the area of possible pathology.

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