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Advanced Laser Surgery in Oral Implantology

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Laser technology has become increasingly prevalent in various fields of dentistry, including implantology. Laser surgery in implantology offers several advantages, including precision, reduced discomfort,...

Dental Laser Assisted in Oral Implantology

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Dental laser-assisted oral implantology refers to the use of lasers in various stages of oral implant procedures. Lasers are devices that emit focused light beams of specific wavelengths, and they have...

Bone Augmentation in Extreme Atrophic Lower Jaw

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Autogenous grafts involve using bone harvested from the patient's own body to augment or replace bone in another location. This type of grafting is considered advantageous because it minimizes the risk...

Teeth Extraction with Simultaniously Dental Implants...

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MLT (microsurgical laser therapy) concept with less invasive approach using laser technology. With this approach we can perform one surgery in one time with less morbidity, less pain and less swelling,...

4 Ways to Boost Osseointegration of Your Implants!...

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Maximise the osseointegration of your implants and uncover the intricate relationship between the skeletal system and the immune system (known as osteoimmunology) and its impact on implant success. We...

Front Tooth Dental Implant Gone Wrong. Bone Graft...

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In this video, dr Daniel Choi presents his clinical case of a failed tooth dental implant.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Sinus Lifts &...

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Dr Steven T. Cutbirth demonstrates his clinical case of full mouth reconstruction with sinus lifts and implants.

Teeth Extraction with Immediate Implants Placement

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Dental video case: patient reffered to full arch rehabilitation. in same appoitment was perforemd: teeth extraction in upper jaw, using laser YSGG 2780 nm, immediate implants placement, guided bone regeneration,...

Dental Implants | How an implant attaches to...

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In this video we are going to learn how an implant attaches to bone. 00:00 Intro 00:13 Definition of osseointegration 00:36 Prerequisites of osseointegration 01:04 Why is titanium used for dental implants?...

Esthetic Implant Therapy Using YSGG Laser

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Laser assisted tooth extraction under microscope in minimal invasive approach. Partial extraction therapy (P.E.T) using laser YSGG 2780 nm wavelength. Implant insertion with surgical guide. After 24 hours...