PD 28 - Vaccine Policy for Health Equity

2 years ago
Global Health

Case description

The accelerated development and deployment of novel vaccines against COVID-19 made it possible to offer vaccination against this pandemic for virtually everybody in high income countries one year after the outbreak. Unfortunately, the situation in low/middle income countries is less impressive. It has been clear from the beginning that efficacious control of COVID-19 will only be achieved if vaccines will be available for all. This is not only for humanitarian and economic reasons, but also, this is currently the only way to prevent emergence of more threatening variants. Further exacerbating the situation is the increasing vaccine hesitancy in all areas on this globe ranging from high to low income countries. This panel discussion on Vaccine Policy will address different aspects how to improve vaccine availability for all and how to ensure acceptance by all. Strategies will be discussed how to best overcome the COVID-19 crisis and the threat of newly emerging and current health threats that can be effectively controlled by vaccination campaigns.

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