Closed Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy

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2 weeks ago
General Surgery

Case description

Closed lateral internal sphincterotomy for treatment of anal fissure. The aim is to treat sphincter hypertonia responsible for anal fissures. The removal of this hypertonia plays an important analgesic role for the patient and allows the healing of the fissure by improving its vascularization. The section is partial in height and in thickness. The intervention is carried out under spinal anesthesia and the patient in lithotomy position.

1st : Clinical examination: the anal fissure is at the anterior pole level.

2nd: Exposure and identification of the internal sphincter

3 rd: Insertion of the scalpel blade

4 th: Section of the internal sphincter; Bleeding most often stops after a compressive procedure.

Dr LAIDOUCI.M (TIMIMOUN Hospital, ALGERIA). July 2023.

tags: lateral sphincterotomy anal fissure Sphincter hypertonia Sphincterotomy video case surgical technique

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