Laparoscopic Left Hemicolectomy for Colocolic Intussusception due to Intraluminal Lipoma

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5 years ago
General Surgery

Case description

Colocolic intussusception is a rare (1-5 %) cause of an adult intestinal obstruction, difficult to diagnose clinically due to its non specific symptoms and suspicions of malignancy as a leading point for intussusception is always high in an adult. A 51 year male presented with 10 days history of colicky abdominal pain with a feature of SAIO. On evaluation found to have Colocolic intussusception with intraluminal pedunculated lipoma as a leading point. He underwent Laparoscopic Left hemicolectomy. Video edited by - Dr. VimalKumar Dhaduk, Fellow Minimal Access Surgery Apollo Hospitals Chennai.

tags: intestinal obstruction left hemicolectomy Intussusception Laparoscopiic Intussusception surgery Rare cause of SAIO Colonic lipoma obstruction hemicolectomy Lap Hemicolectomy

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