Agenesis Of The Left Hemidiaphragm: A Case Report


Case description

This video shows agenesis of the left hemidiaphragm: a case report of a 66 year old man with heartburn,regurgitation and early satiety. Agenesis of a hemidiaphragm is a rare malformation in adulthood whose embryologic basis is unknown. An abnormal organogenesis may lead to a diaphragmatic defect, that may be variable in site and size. The diaphragmatic agenesis is the largest diaphragmatic defect, and is associated with herniation of the abdominal contents into the thoracic cavity and pulmonary hypoplasia, that is usually responsible for a fatal cardio-pulmonary failure within the first hours after birth. An adult presentation of the diaphragmatic agenesis is extremely rare. Video by Patrick R Reardon, MD, Lee Morris, MD, Melanie Hafford, MD, Nabil Tariq, MD, Vadim Sherman, MD, Brian J Dunkin, MD

tags: hemidiaphragm agnesis left hemidiaphragm diaphragmatic hernia regurgitation paraesophageal hiatal hernia proton pomp inhibitor laparoscopic fundoplication

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