Lumps, Bumps And Lidocaine

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tags: family medicine Lipoma abscess lidokaine cyst

This video features common lumps and bumps (epidermoid inclusion cyst, lipoma, abscess). It also review this history of local anesthetics and focusing on how the prohibition on using epinephrine in the digits all began. Iin 1903 when Braun, the man who first used procaine (progenitor to lidocaine) with 'suparenin' (epinephrine), immediately declared—based on sheer conjecture—if the action of suprarenin (epinephrine) be too intense or long continued, gangrene of the tissues can occur, particularly if the nutrition of the part is already interfered with, as, for instance in arteriosclerosis of the extremities, wounds, or plastic flaps. Keith Seidel, NP.


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