SECTIONAL EXTRACTION OF LOWER MOLAR (Tooth #46 Removal) Commentary and Walkthrough

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a year ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

This patient came to me with a large swelling and pain from her lower right first mandibular molar. We determined that the cause of the problem was that this tooth most likely had a vertical root fracture. This then led to the death of this tooth, and subsequent infection and pain. In cases like these, the only treatment is for us to remove the tooth. To extract the tooth, it is more simple to section the tooth into different pieces. That way, the tooth is less likely to break when we try and remove it. In this video, I discuss what the problem was, our surgical plan, and then walk through how we did the procedure from start to finish. Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:13 The examination of the tooth 0:37 Discussing the treatment plan 1:10 Making sure no pain first 1:20 Get the tooth moving 1:46 Remove the porcelain crown first 2:51 Reduce the crown height 3:20 Sectioning the roots 3:55 Splitting the roots 4:43 Removing one root 5:45 Removing the other root 6:12 Remove bone to create bone gutter 7:04 Smoothing the bone 7:21 Rinse with chlorhexidine 7:29 Place some gauze 7:35 Summing up 

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