10 Commandments for Staying Out of Trouble

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a year ago

Case description

In this episode with Dr. Lucy Nichols, a general dentist who also does some dento-legal work in the UK, she shares her 10 commandments for safer dentistry and avoiding dento-legal claims.

Highlights of this episode:

1:17 Protrusive Dental Pearl

4:33 Dr. Lucy Nichols’ Introduction

8:08 10 Commandments for Staying Out of Trouble

9:08 Bitewings on Children 

13:31 Bitewings on Adults 

15:29 Suspicious of a Non-healing socket 

18:21 Sore Patches on Mucosa

21:24 How to Deal with a Hypochlorite Injury 

30:34 Chlorhexidine Mouthwash as a Root Canal Irrigant 

35:06 Periodontal Charting

40:42 Single Visit Scaling without Local Anaesthetic? 

45:29 ID Nerve Injuries

53:39 Palpate the Canines

Check out Dr. Lucy Nichols website https://www.drlucynichols.com

tags: Lucy Nichols dental videos dental podcast safer dentistry dento-legal claims Hypochlorite Injury Chlorhexidine Mouthwash Root Canal Irrigant Periodontal Charting scaling nerve injuries

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