How To Properly and Quickly Extirpate (Acute Pain)

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a year ago

Case description

Put down that K-file! Extirpations have just become more stealthy!

We have specialist endodontist Dr Sanj Bhanderi describing how to make our protocol for extirpations more efficient and with less future complications.

2:38 Dr. Sanj’s journey to Endodontics

6:30 Emergency Extirpations

8:42 Diagnosis Protocol Irreversible Pulpitis

11:57 Anaesthetic for Hot Pulps

15:33 Caries and Restoration Removal Before Extirpating?

19:16 Vital Pulp therapy 21:19 Isolation Protocol for Extirpations

25:30 Sedative Dressing for Acute Pain 28:42 Temporary Restoration of choice

31:39 Post Op Medicaments

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