Creating Interproximal Contacts with Direct Restorations

2 years ago

Case description

Dr. Quirós shares a quick tip on creating great contacts in posterior restorations. Dr. Quirós uses matrices and composite to turn Class II restorations into easy Class I's. Dr. Quirós starts the video with a drawing sequence that walks you through a high-level synopsis of creating the interproximal contacts— placement of wedges, matrices, and a ring. Dr. Quirós then shows a multi-contact case explaining the process in detail. First, the old amalgam is removed, and then the teeth are isolated with a rubber dam. Both sectional matrices are placed. As you will see in the video, the first wall is filled with Microhybrid and cured. The matrix band used is then removed, and the other is filled and cured. Take out the second matrix band. The final result is Class I restorations that you can do very quickly.

tags: interproximal contacts conservative dentistry class II restoration composite restoration

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