Heart - The Blood Supply

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12 years ago

Case description

During watching the film you can learn how to: Find the onset of right left coronary arteries from aortic sinuses; Find and explain the course of the right coronary artery and common branches of it (Sinuatrial Nodal Artery; Acute marginal artery; Posterior intraventricular artery, Atrioventricular nodal artery; Antrial and ventricular branches of arteries) You will know: relating to anatomical terms - clinical nomenclatury of coronary arteries; how to describe and identify the course of the left coronary artery and its branches (anterior intraventricular artery, circumflex artery) how to enumerate the branches of anterior intraventricular and circumflex arteries. Moreover you can learn how to look vesels system, which supply the right and the left coronary artery, discriminate the sited of anastomosis of coronary arteries; explain the dominated function of the coronary circulation; what is the scheme the blood supply of the conducting system of the heart; describe the intravenricular septum blood supply; what is scheme the veins on the surface of the heart and relate them to the concomitant coronary arteries; describe the location, formation and aperture of the coronary sinus; find the tributaries of the coronary sinus; find the oblique vein of the left atrium. You will be able to enumerate and locate veins draining the myocardium other than the coronary sinus: smallest cardiac veins and anterior cardiac veins.

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