4 Rules of Planning Aesthetic Dentistry Ortho-Restorative

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a year ago

Case description

If you plan the position of the incisal edge against the face - it will make planning smiles so much easier! Joined today by Dr Josh Rowley on planning Aesthetic Dentistry - the 4 golden rules.

Highlights in this episode:

2:58 The Protrusive Dental Pearl

14:49 Screening for the first point of contact for Orthodontic patients

15:54 Rule No.1: It starts with the face

19:48 Rule No.2: Getting the diagnosis right

23:49 Rule No. 3: Giving ideal a chance

29:33 Rule No.4: Simulations

35:10 Sure Smile Aligners

39:35 Lower trim height

41:24 Higher trim height

44:03 Support system for Sure Smile

Check out the courses that Dr. Josh teaches through

IAS Academy: https://www.iasortho.com

SureSmile Aligners: https://www.suresmile.com/en/

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