Non Communicating Rudimentary Horn-Heametometra

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5 years ago

Case description

DIGNOSIS:- - Right Side Non Communication Rudimentry Horn - Haemetometra TREATMENT (PLAN OF SURGERY):-DLS DLS done under general anaesthesia given by dr amit and done by dr pravin kanani. LAPROSCOPY: - 10/5 MM primary trocher insersion done. - 3 5mm secondary trocher insersion done under guidance of primary trocher. - No fibroid, no adhesion, no endometriotic spot. - Uterus:Size:Enlarge;Position:Mid Position;Appearance:Congested - POD-Free - Right tube-Appearance:Normal;Fimbrial End:Normal - Left tube-Appearance:Normal;Fimbrial End:Normal - Right ovary-Size:Normal;Position:Normal;Appearance:Normal - Left ovary- Size:Normal;Position:Normal;Appearance:Normal OPERATIVE NOTES:- - Right Side Non Communication Rudimentry Horn Seen. - Right Ovarian Round Ligament Cutting Done. - Inj.Vasopression Given At Rudimentry Horn. - Excision Of Horn Done With Illeptical Incision. - Right Ovary & Tube Preserve. - Suturing Done With Vicryl No.1. - Horn Material Remove Through Morcellotor. - Material Send For HPE. Conclusion : Laproscopy : Right Side Non Communication Rudimentry Horn Excision Done With Illeptical Incision & Send For HPE.B/L Overy Tube Preserve.

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