Left-sided Gallbladder

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General Surgery

Case description

A left-sided gallbladder (LSG) is a gallbladder located on the left side of the round ligament and not on the right side, which is its common location. It constitutes an uncommon abnormality first described from Hochstetter in 1856. The reported incidence of this anomaly is estimated to be between 0.1% and 1.2%. 

Left-sided gallbladder (LSG) without situs inversus can be found in 2 anatomic variants. First is the true LSG, where the gallbladder is located on the left lobe of the liver. In this situation, 2 subtypes can be found according to the way the cystic duct (CD) joins the biliary tree.1 The cystic duct joins the common bile duct (CBD) from the right side as in our case. The explanation of this variation may be that the normal gallbladder bud migrates to the left lobe instead of the right and lies on the left side of the round ligament.2 The cystic duct joins the left side either of the (CBD) or of the left hepatic duct (LHD) directly and is accompanied by failure in the development of the normal structure in the right side. Second, the gallbladder is on the left side of the round ligament but still on the right lobe of the liver, because the round ligament has deviated to the right.

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