Right Adrenalectomy - Transabdominal Clipless Hibrid Minilaparoscopic Technique

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5 years ago
General Surgery

Case description

This video shows a Right Adrenalectomy performed by Transabdominal Clipless Hibrid Minilaparoscopic Technique.

The case is a 44 y/o female with diagnosis of Conn Syndrome

during the whole procedure no clips, no stapler, no knots, no gauze were used - JUST ENERGY and SUCTION :-) We used one 10mm trocar at umbicus site for the optics, and it was lightly enlarged to remove the 3cm tumor at the end. We also used one 3mm for Surgeon left hand and two other 5mm trocars - one for surgeon right hand, and one for liver retraction... Even with plaquetopenia we had very small bleeding... Now I am wondering if MAGNETS or LIVAC would have done a better job with the HUGE right lobe fatty liver in such a small lady (55kg only)... The procedure was 43min in total, but the edited video sometimes accelerated 2X is just 9 min. Hope you all enjoy.

Andrzej Sykała

Andrzej Sykała


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