The Case of Cholecystoduodenal Fistula And Gallbladder Inflammation: One-Surgery Resolution


Case description

In the video we can see a 77-year old patient suffering from acute gallbladder inflammation due to cholecystolithiasis and cholocystoduodenal fistula. In the ultrasound image gallbladder appeared edematous and surrounded by liquid. MRCP indicated cholelithiasis of biliary ducts (common bile duct) and bile tree distention. To check the presence of fistula, the cholangiography during the intervention, was made. Both, fistula and stones in the bile ducts, resulted positive. The patient underwent closure of fistula together with the endoscopical removal of the bile duct stones (with a Dormia catheter). The radicality of stones extraction was checked with choledoscopy In people affected by cholecystolithiasis, approximately 10-18% is also suffering from bile ducts lithiasis. There are a few procedures used in this case: open surgery, laparoscopic intervention or MRCP (before or after surgery). Both MRCP and laparoscopic gallbladder removal resulted safe, efficient and did not require any additional intervention. Authors: Giancarlo Basili, MD, Nicola Romano, MD, Dario Pietrasanta, MD, Irene Mosca, MD Orlando Goletti, MD

tags: cholelithiasis gallbladder bile stones acute cholecystitis cholecystoduodenal fistula

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