Examination of Varicose Veins

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a year ago
Family Medicine

Case description

In this video there is presented a detailed examination of varicose veins. First part is inspection of the legs where you can observe dilatation of the veins, incompetent perforator veins, skin changes, ankle flares, secondary varicoses (suprainguinal veins) and edemas. On palpation there is a sapheno-femoral incompetence, superficial thrombophlebitis (the course of the vein in palpable), percussion test for incompetence of the valves (Schwartz test). After palpation the examiner performs Perthes test and modified Perthes test to assess the patency of the deep femoral vein. The final part of the physical examination is Trendelenburg test and multiple tourniquet test.

Video by Surgery for Medical Students

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