Virtual Patient Experience Innovation Summit

Virtual Patient Experience Innovation Summit

Organizer: Wisdom
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Date: from: 2020-07-13 to: 2020-07-13
Fee: 320 - 400 USD
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This pre-conference webinar is a new opportunity to stay in touch with existing and potential clients and colleagues in these pressing times. Considering the Covid-19 outbreak, and global postponements to networking conferences, at Wisdom Events we are beginning a new series of webinars on the Healthcare markets, building on our experience of market leaders worldwide running PX summits.

We believe it is incredibly important to maintain and build relationships during these times, which is why our webinars will be more interactive and networking – focused than others you may have seen, while still offering the opportunity to share expertise. We would love for you to be part of a virtual panel, discussing current challenges and state of the market alongside other influential industry figures.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Preparing for global health security- Getting ready for pandemics
  • Keeping Patients Happy When the House Is Full – Learning how not to outweighs the prospect of financial and technical support
  • Understanding how COVID-19 is making the healthcare industry disrupt?
  • Embracing new forms of patient engagement and care delivery – Concierge Medicine
  • Insight on how private hospitals are coping a sharp drop in OP footfalls, elective surgeries, and Medical tourism
  • Uncovering the benefits from increasing awareness about healthcare and more government focus for the industry

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