Apicoectomy Tutorial - When, Why and How of Apical Surgery - PDP148

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5 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

In this episode, specialist endodontist Dr. Peter Raftery and his associate Dr. Manpreet Dhesi will be talking about the Apicoectomy procedure that can be used to treat root-filled teeth using a 'retrograde' approach. They will discuss about how it fits into general dentistry, its indications and contraindications, its cost analysis vs implants and and the entire protocol for performing Apicoectomy. Protrusive Dental Pearl: The periradicular surgery guidelines issued by BES and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Download the guidelines about periradicular surgery or on the app under the Protrusive Vault (where all the different files and infographics and the different things that you get as a Protrusive premium member)

BES-RCS-Peri-Radicular-Surgery-Guidelines: https://protrusive.co.uk/148

Highlights of this episode:  

1:37 The Protrusive Dental Pearl  

3:32 Dr. Peter Raftery’s introduction

4:05 Dr. Manpreet Dhesi’s introduction

5:16 What is Apicoectomy?

6:29 Oral Surgeons vs Endodontists?

8:48 Is a Microscope mandatory for Apicoectomy?

10:08 Apicoectomy for posteriors

11:00 Isolation Protocol for Anterior Apicoectomies

11:35 Apicoectomy Protocol

15:03 Disinfection Protocol

18:41 Moisture control from the bleeding

20:43 Risk of surgical emphysema - Is special handpiece needed?

21:52 Indications and Contraindications for Apicoectomy  

27:46 Endodontic Re-treatment

29:05 Cost benefit analysis of Apicoectomy

31:20 Success rate for Apicoectomy

34:19 Case Scenario 1: 82-year old patient with a singular crown, root filling and a radicular pathology

42:10 Retrograde fillings of choice  

44:09 Grafting after Apicoectomy - is it needed?45:04 Equipments for Apicoectomy

47:11 Learning more about Apicoectomy

Apical Microsurgery Instrument Kit- the mirror, the pluggers, and the little curettes by Hu-Friedy UK https://protrusive.co.uk/148

If you enjoyed this episode, check this another episode by Dr. Peter Raftery: How to Save ‘Hopeless’ Teeth with the Surgical Extrusion Technique: protrusive.co.uk/surgical-extrusion-technique

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