How To Bond All-Ceramic Crown for Peg Lateral Tooth 10

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For this Part 4 of 4: Obsidian restorations can be retained with conventional cements, adhesive resin cements or self-adhesive resin cements. In this case, I chose bonded cementation because it increases the overall strength. The etched intaglio surface creates a micromechanical adhesion of cement to the tooth via a silane coupling agent. Resin cement is also very color stable, which makes it especially suitable in the esthetic zone. The tooth preparation was treated with a 37% phosphoric acid etch gel for approximately 10 seconds, followed by a water rinse for 20 seconds to avoid desiccating the tooth. I then desensitized the tooth with Gluma to seal dentinal tubules and to provide an antimicrobial effect while wetting the tooth to prepare for the adhesive agent. I then used 3MTM ScotchbondTM Universal for my adhesive agent. ⏱ TIMESTAMPS⏱ 0:00 - Intro 0:20 - Preparing intaglio surface 1:28 - Curing 1:32 - Scanning 2:40 - Conclusion 3:08 - Goosh 

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