How to Anaesthetise Patients Who Don't Go Numb - Tips for Dental Anaesthesia

11 months ago

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Are you a dentist who has had a patient that won't go numb or has difficulty with anaesthesia? Dealing with such patients can be stressful for both them and you. In this video, we share some tips for handling difficult dental patients. We emphasise the importance of listening to your patient and looking at them to determine the best course of action. We also discuss the use of nerve blocks and pre-operative medications to reduce pain fibres and inflammation. Additionally, we provide guidance on the types of aesthetics to use, such as buccal infiltration and lingual infiltration, and the importance of doing more work at once to make the most of the anesthesia. Whether you're a seasoned dentist or just starting out, these tips will help you provide the best care for your difficult patients.

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