Rubber Dam Isolation Podcast with Harmeet Grewal

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2 years ago

Case description

In this interview I discuss with Harmeet about Rubber Dam Isolation: 

3:35 How to get started with rubber dam isolation

5:44 Undergraduate experience of rubber dam isolation

7:00 How rubber dam reduces stress and improves the quality of your work

9:08 How to talk to patients about rubber dam

11:34 Are we rubber dam police?

13:40 Start now, get perfect later!

18:26 Which rubber dam to use?

22:36 IsoVac vs Rubber Dam

30:31 Useful clamps for molars

32:38 Top hacks for Rubber Dam

tags: Rubber Dam Isolation rubber dam IsoVac vs Rubber Dam rubber dam application Harmeet Grewal dentistry video dental podcast clamps molars

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