Echocardiography - Transgastric View

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11 years ago

Case description

The transgastric views are among the most important transesophageal views and are the best transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) views for evaluating left and right ventricular function. As such, transgastric views are commonly employed in operative TEE to assess ejection fraction and wall motion post-operatively. In addition, deep transgastric views are the best views in which one can obtain accurate gradients across the aortic valve to assess the degree of aortic stenosis or regurgitation. The echo probe is placed within the esophagus and ultrasound is projected at the neighboring structures, such as the heart and aorta, which are in close proximity. Because of imaging at shallower depths, TEE can use higher frequency transducers (up to 7MHz). The transgastric views shows the LV in short and long axis and helps one obtain aortic valve gradients. It is one of the best views to evaluate left ventricular function and pericardial effusions.

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