Morphology Of The Adrenal Gland

8 years ago

Case description

The video presents morphology of the adrenal gland.

After watching this video you be able to fulfill the following objectives:
• Gross anatomy:
-- Describe the shape and position of the suprarenal glands.
-- Outline the lymphatic drainage of the suprarenal gland.
-- Locate the sources of arterial blood supply.
-- Describe the difference in the mode of venous drainage between the right and left suprarenal glands.
-- Describe the nerve supply and differentiate it from autonomic innervation elsewhere in the boy.
• Applied anatomy
-- Discuss the surgical implications of having a short right suprarenal vein.
• Embryology:
-- Identify the difference in developmental origin of the cortex and medulla.
• Histology
-- Outline the arrangement of cells in the different regions of the cortex and medulla.
-- Identify the three zones of adrenal cortex: glomerulosa, fasiculata and reticularis.
-- Describe the characteristic features of secretory cells in the cortex and medulla.
-- Describe the vascular network inside the gland.

Video by Dr. Akram Jaffar, Department of Medical Neuroscience Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.

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