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A smart way of monitoring kid’s asthma.

Controlling your kid's asthma can be a stressful process. Dealing with sleepless nights and endless nerves on how to help your child can be truly overwhelming. Take a breath from your kid's asthma - we have a solution for you.

StethoMe helps to self monitor your child's asthma. StethoMe is a smart system intended to perform auscultation exam in the comfort of your home. It is AI mobile application connected to the StethoMe stethoscope. How does it work?

The stethoscope records the sounds from your kids' lungs. These sounds are immediately analyzed by AI algorithms providing you with instant feedback of any abnormal sounds detected in the lungs.

Thanks to this unique technology you can easily control your kid’s condition at home and in case needed to contact your doctor using telemedicine.

The device and AI algorithms are professional medical devices. Safe to use by patients at home (certified in the EU as a class 2a – CE 2274).

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