Temporomandibular joint | Why is it notlined by hyaline cartilage like the other joints?

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Do you know why TMJ is called as a diarthrodial joint ? Why is TMJ not lined by hyaline cartilage like the other synovial joints ? Watch this video to get clarity over your concepts... Video chapters:

00:00 Introduction

00:33 What is TMJ?

00:44 What is meant by Synovial?

01:15 Classification of the joint

01:28 what is meant by diarthrodial?

02:18 Articulating surfaces

02:54 What is meant by ginglymoid?

03:19 Why is it called as arthrodial joint?

03:42 Articular fossa

04:30 clear the confusion between mandibular fossa, glenoid fossa and articular fossa

08:16 types of tissue lining the joint

08:45 why is TMJ not lined by hyaline cartilage

10:41 synovial membrane

11:06 what is meant by viscosity

11:26 Functions of the synovial fluid 

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