Myth Busting Occlusion and TMJ with Barry Glassman

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2 years ago

Case description

In this episode, we discussed about:

8:00 Parable of the 12 Blind Men relevant to TMD

16:27 Macro trauma and micro trauma relevant to TMJ pathology

22:44 Role of teeth/occlusion/malocclusion/Restorative in TMD/pain

24:57 Why MIP is pathalogical

27:40 Can we reliably stop parafunction?

30:43 Adjunctive support therapies for complex oro-facial pain patients?

35:52 AMPSA with a patient with Degenerative Joint Disease?

37:23 The first 20mm of opening is pure condylar RO- NOT! It's not pure rotation!

38:59 What is an iontophoresis and why is that relevant?

47:58 Can you give an anterior only appliance to someone with clicking?

54:31 Why might a patient say their click has now stopped?

tags: occlusion TMJ Occlusion and TMJ TMJ pathology Barry Glassman Degenerative Joint Disease eLearning dentistry

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