Implant Assessment for GDPs - from Space Requirement to Ridge Preservation

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a year ago
Implant Dentistry

Case description

This 2nd part of the 2-part series on Implants with Dr Hassan Maghaireh looks to guide us through the fundamentals of assessing your patient for implants.

6:02 How do you assess the Implant space for the right mouth in the right patient?

13:25 When patients ask how long Implants last for, what should we tell them?

18:26 Can you place implants on Smokers? What is the protocol?

7:44 Bisphosphonates - at what point are implants contraindicated?

24:33 How can you tell if it's going to be a complicated case?

31:20 I routinely section molars. Is that a good practice?

38:49 What is ridge preservation and when to consider this? 

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