International Digital Dentistry Congress 2024

Organizer: Digital Dentistry Society
Venue: Jio World Centre, Mumbai, India
Website: go to
Date: from: 2024-06-08 to: 2024-06-09
Fee: Not specified
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Digital dentistry is changing the industry. It's faster, more accurate, and less invasive than ever before. Patients get the benefits of digital dentistry faster and more easily than ever before, too—a process that can take months with traditional dentistry, but can be done in just a few days with digital technology.

The Digital Dentistry Society- International and the Indian Dental Association bring to you the - International Digital Dentistry Congress from the 08-09 June 2024 in Mumbai.

The congress emphasises the advantages of digital dentistry in a practitioner's life. More effective workflow enables you to spend less time on administrative duties and more time attending to the needs of your patients. In terms of outcomes, you'll be able to identify your patient's needs before you begin treating them and ensure that the treatment plan will address those needs.

Your practise will undoubtedly change as a result of the congress. We are eager to welcome you!

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