European Congress of Radiology ECR 2024

Organizer: European Society of Radiology
Venue: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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Date: from: 2024-02-28 to: 2024-03-03
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Next Generation Radiology

The poster for ECR 2024 was designed with the future of radiology in mind. Here, a robotic figure is depicted, emphasising the premise that the next generation in radiology will be made up of both humans and their technology.

The foetal position of the figure highlights the fact that much of this technology is still in its infancy – the true potential of AI, machine learning and other advancements in imaging is yet to be born. This foetal position is also a nod to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest anatomists in history, who used his scientific genius and artistic prowess to present the inner workings of the human body to society. In many respects, these anatomical drawings were a primitive but beautiful form of radiology, an attempt to understand what lies within us.

Through incredible advancements in both technology and techniques, the future of medical imaging will become the central theme of ECR 2024. At this congress we will see the birth of a new generation in radiology.

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