AI & Machine Learning for Drug Development

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Date: from: 2022-08-25 to: 2022-08-26
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Broader adoption of AI techniques can significantly speed up your drug pipeline development – if you
have the foresight and skill to choose the right systems and suppliers. A report by Accenture
estimates that by the year 2026, big data in conjunction with machine learning and artificial
intelligence will annually generate over $150 billion for the life science sector.

At DGE’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Drug Development Virtual Conference on
August 25-26, 2022 you will hear first hand how AI and ML can accelerate drug design, target
identification, lead optimization, and early safety assessments. Our faculty of experts help you
understand the greatest obstacles to success and the skills that your teams must have to turn AI from
proof-of-concept into a market-leading reality.

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