21st Century Medicine - International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors

Organizer: Young Medics Organization of the Medical University of Lublin
Venue: Medical University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland
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Date: from: 2022-06-03 to: 2022-06-04
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This year 21st Century Medicine will be a hybrid event. It will take place stationary in facilities of Medical University in Lublin, as well as online on Zoom™ or Microsoft Teams™ platform. Registration will open on 14th February 2022. You can register using the links provided on our website.

Our conference focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to medicine and new advances in medicine and related fields.

We are planning to held the following sessions:
1. General Medicine
2. Surgery
3. Ginecology and Pediatrics
4. Neurology and Psychiatry
5. Psychology
6. Oncology
7. Civilization Diseases
8. COVID-19

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